Hey there!

I'm a twenty-something year old Australian-Greek, Gluten Intolerant, kitty loving, food obsessed, glitter crazy, full time adventurer that picked up from the comforts of home after 23 years and moved to the other side of the planet! 

I now call Manchester, UK, home and live with my boyfriend plus his entire band, a couple of girlfriends and some friends we've made along the way! We have a great little family to be on this adventure with.

This blog is all about how I manage being so far away from home and dealing with all the changes that come with that. For someone that comes from a big Greek family, not having them around is a challenge but at the same time I'm experiencing so many new and wonderful things in a place I never thought I'd find myself. 

I hope you enjoy my adventures and some of my stories lend a helping hand if you're thinking of taking the plunge and setting up shop somewhere far away.

If you want to chat email me at hello@stanleebrowne.com

Big love,

S xx