Barca Vibes

Stepping out of the airport into the humidity of this city was a pleasant surprise - I know, who would enjoy humidity? Someone who didn’t realise how much they would miss sweating whilst taking a short stroll or the uncontrollable frizz that would curse your hair. I’ll admit, I missed it. So, off to a good start!

The airport train takes you through the outskirts of Barca, think downtown LA but with more graffiti and where all the buildings look like commission housing. Don’t get me wrong, it has a real charm to it and there is so much too look at as you jet past - take the time to really look. When we came up from the underground, we were graced with some of the most eclectic and artistic buildings, designed by Gaudi himself. Immediately you can sense the cultural vibe and diversity of this glorious city.

Every building is different, every corner has something to see so walking this city is the best way to get the most out of it. The image above was taken within the Medieval Church of Barcelona, The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. The Medieval Quarter spills around this stunning cathedral and it is well worth a bit of exploration. You can see the union of the centuries in the buildings, as each level of their walls were constructed over time - a long time. From Medieval through to the Roman era, the walls tell a story that is very much worth hearing. I could have spent all our time here, exploring ever nook and cranny but we saw enough for me to want to come back and explore more. I think that’s what a city should do.

We saw the Magic Fountain, the old Bull Fighting ring, the dock, the Mercado de La Boqueria on Les Rambles (one of the best food markets you will EVER go to!), walked down Les Rambles, went to a Flamenco Show and of course went on a hop on hop off tour - all of which were fantastic to see and gave us so much insight into why people love this city - nothing compares however, to the Sagrada Familia. The most mesmerising cathedral you will ever see. My next post will be dedicated to this glorious structure so stay tuned.

S xx