Camden Town

Eclectic, loud, dramatic, colourful, vibrant, alive … welcome to Camden Town! There is something to catch your eye on every corner, wall and bridge in this intensely beautiful part of London. This little pocket of gold never seems to go to sleep, and why would it? The characters on the street are as vibrant as the streets themselves and breathe constant life into the town. 

In saying this, it is loud, all the time! Staying right above the action meant that I was constantly privy to the goings on the streets below. Funnily enough, the yelling and chanting seemed to always come with an Australian accent. Heaven forbid they not know we’re here! It was a familiar comfort though, in an annoying kind of way but if you’re going to do it, staying in the thick of it is a must! 

The Camden Markets are a must do when in London. Yes, there are the typical market stalls where you’ll find the same trinkets throughout a number of stalls but hidden amongst them are some true gems. This is certainly a day adventure so block it out and take a stroll through every nook and cranny and enjoy some of the best food you’ll find in London. It’s one of those ‘I want one of everything’ moments. Weekdays are a better option, there are less people and you’ll be able to see a lot more with a lot less pushing!

I can’t wait for my next visit here - I know there is so much more to discover!

S xx