Manchester Day

A day to celebrate everything Manchester - including the rainy weather! Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the parade go from one end of the city to the other, bands played, food stalls churned out all of your typical carnival treats and the city was buzzing!

It’s nice to be able to experience the city celebrate itself. It’s a beautiful place where people enjoy to get out and about, especially when there is something to see and do. These types of events show you what a city is all about, or at least what the city is heading towards. It’s very clear that the arts, culture, food and music are elements that drive this city so I think it’s safe to say that we’re in the right place!

It was wonderful to watch the colour and vibrance of the festival intertwine with the history and classic elegance of the city. Manchester, you’re growing on me. Everywhere you turn there is a different boutique restaurant in the basement of a heritage listed building or an eclectic pub jammed in the middle of office buildings - you can tell it was definitely there first and is holding its ground as a vital part of the city. 

You can clearly see the changes and modern twists the city itself has taken over the years but the classic architecture of the Manchester Library and Manchester City Council give the city great depth and a unique skyline that makes you want to really look at every little detail. It’s quite picturesque.

S xx