When You Wish Upon a Star

Disneyland is always a magical place no matter how old you are. Is it the childhood memories flooding back as every life-size character appears? Or possibly the adrenaline of some of the most iconic rides in the world? No, you’re right, it’s that OMG amazing, beautiful, jaw dropping castle! Everytime. The way that thing glitters, it just gets me. Honestly I could watch that sparkle all day long.

Now, how does Euro Disney compare to the original? I’m not going to lie, if you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Disneyland California then I would personally give its European counterpart a miss. Not that it doesn’t capture all the magic of Disney, it just doesn’t quite live up. If you can’t get over to California then go on, go and relive your childhood for a day or two!

To do both parks (Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios) I’d give yourself a day at each. Dependant on the time of year you should get through almost all the rides and attractions without too much of a wait time. We went in early December, the chill factor had started to set in which seemed to deter the crowds but for us it meant no wait times whatsoever!

It’s still Disney and I still love it but the wow factor from having all of Walt’s dreams in one place just wasn’t there like the first time - maybe it was just me. If you’re a Disney fanatic I think you’ll enjoy yourself just fine.

S xx