New York, New York PART I

So incase you missed the memo, this has to be one of my favourite places in the world! New York City honestly gives me life and I am always so sad to leave.

The saying ‘the city that never sleeps’ could not be more accurate. What I love about this city is that no matter what hour, the noise of the streets is a constant. I know that’s not for everyone, but personally I find it comforting. I remember my first trip to the big apple, driving over the Manhattan Bridge into the city and just thinking, I’m home. Odd to have such a powerful connection with somewhere I’d never been before but I really do feel at home there.

We decided to mix it up a bit this time and opt for the slower suburban district of Brooklyn. Once known for being the rougher part of town, Brooklyn has scrubbed up quite nicely and gave us a completely different experience entirely from Manhattan. With Brownstones for days and a peaceful family vibe, this burrow has many hidden gems that are definitely worth exploring. We stayed in Park Slope along the gorgeous Prospect Park, which is not as well known as Central Park but equally as beautiful. We stayed in a basement AirBnB of a Brownstone. Just a word of caution here, basement means basement no mater the pictures or apartment description, so there will be no natural light and you will be able to hear everything happening above! I would definitely have opted for a ground level or higher apartment had I known this.

-       Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

-       Discover the beauty of Prospect Park

-       Explore the suburb of Williamsburg – it’s super trendy with plenty of shops, restaurants and drinking spots and on a sunny day it’s the perfect spot to be!

-       Stroll around Dumbo and take advantage of the stunning picture opts of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

-       The Bagel Shop: even though I can’t eat them, these rainbow coloured bagels are worth a visit!

-       Wander around Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

-       Brooklyn Museum and Library: although I didn’t get the chance to see inside, these buildings are quite striking and worth just going to look at 

Personally, now that I’ve stayed in Brooklyn, I probably won’t again. I missed the noise and the chaos of Manhattan but am happy I took a trip to explore this dynamic area of NYC.

More about our Manhattan adventures to come!

S xx