New York, New York Part II

Manhattan – my happy place.

I love a fast paced city that is constantly on the moon, forever buzzing and always alive. I never feel like I’ve spent enough time here, I’m always left wanting more. It’s the sort of place you could live in for a year and still not have had the change to fully take in everything it has to offer.

The vastness of the island is overwhelming, the beauty of Central Park is breath taking and the speed of the people moving through the city can at times make your head spin. I love it! I don’t even know where to begin because there is so much to see and do but I’ll stick with what I can narrow down to my NYC faves.


The best way to see this city is to walk it! The first trip here we jumped on a hop on hop off bus which was great to get our bearings but I feel that to really see everything to need to walk the streets. There is something to see on absolutely every street of this city which is why it is such a dynamic and colourful place.

Central Park.

This is a day trip in itself! There is so much within the park to see and it is that big that you really need to give yourself a day to see it all. I love the artwork hidden through the park, in particular the homage to Alice in Wonderland (I’m a little obsessed). Just walking around the park is the best way to make sure you see everything and when you’re in a city that spans concrete from side to side, it’s nice to go breathe in the greenery.

Times Square.

It’s exactly how you pictured it, but better. I’ll admit Times Square isn’t for everyone and yes it is constantly packed to the brim with tourists, promo girls and guys trying to get you to come see some comedy show, but if you can block all that out and just look up I promise you will be mesmerized!


I’m a musical fanatic but even if you aren’t this is where you want to see a show. This trip we saw Wicked and Book of Mormon. Both absolutely amazing and even though it was my third and second time seeing them, I would see them here again. Your long running shows are always on offer but there are also smaller shows which from all reviews are equally as stunning as the larger productions. If you’re in New York get yourself to a Broadway musical.


The food in New York is amazing! (Maybe more so because Manchester doesn’t quite have it going on in the food department!) Do your research and I can assure you there will be something delicious in any cuisine of your choice. There are a number of Australians that have set up shop in NY and they are honestly killing it. The locals do have it in the bag though offering everything and anything and if you’re a foodie like me you’ll be in heaven here with somewhere different (and good) to eat every meal!


The galleries this city has to offer and out of this world and all worth a visit (if you’re into art that is). From the MET to the Guggenheim there are hundreds of thousands of pieces to see and I can tell you honestly that it would take years to see them all! Nevertheless get yourself into these galleries to see even some of the fantastic creations of so many wonderful artists. Also, for all you GG fans out there, sit on the steps of the MET and have lunch. It’s extremely satisfying.

Right so all of that is super broad but there is just so much to do that I feel you need to start broad then narrow yourself!

I cannot wait to get back to New York already and I’ve only just left! I truly love this city and know there is so much more to see and do. Hopefully I’ll be experiencing them soon!


S xx