UK’s Food Festival Revolution

It’s summer time in the UK, the prefect time to get out and discover something new. With great weather and wonderful outdoor culinary treats, food festivals in the UK are now the places to chill and relax on a summer afternoon. The Telegraph states that in the past five years we have seen “an explosion in popularity” in terms of British food festivals.

The recent rise of food festivals is linked to our love of good quality affordable food. No longer do we seek out a cheeseburger from a van, instead we want a burger made with high quality beef put together by an enthusiastic food lover like ourselves.

Most towns and villages now put on a food festival during the summer months and they are a great way to learn about the local food culture. As a country the UK has grown more enthusiastic about food as shown through our love of food programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and Master Chef.

Celebrity chefs are a common feature at food festivals and offer guests a chance to see their favourite chefs live and taste their dishes. The Stylist has a list of the best food festivals this year, including one set up by acclaimed celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver.

Food festivals are also being used to support a good cause. The [Evening Standard reports that in 2015 Fork to Fork food festival raised £30,000] for an Open Air Classroom project. The project is raising money to create the UK’s first outdoor classroom. Like many food festivals Fork to Fork also features live bands and various other forms of entertainment.

Of course there is only one place to be at the centre of British food culture and that is London. Every kind of foodie passion is indulged in the city from coffee festivals to, beer, to the seasonal Christmas chocolate festivals. It is easy to see why London is considered the gastronomic centre of the world and attracts travellers and foodies from around the globe.

Eating out isn’t cheap in the UK, but there is a new way to try different cuisines, and meet celebrity and upcoming chefs. Food festivals are the most exciting development in the British food industry and each year they are getting bigger and better. So if you are looking for a new adventure be sure to check them out.

Travel information for foodies

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